Thursday, July 3, 2008

yes...i am STILL here!!

I was asked by my dear friend julie to at least let people know that i was alive and well, and i am!! i have obviously forsaken my blog, not that it was really all that exciting. i will try and cover the highlights...

all three of the kids {now 18, 19 & 21!!} are working and taking summer school.

josh turned 21 in june and will complete 21 credit hours this summer at siue. he is also working full-time for park & rec, playing tennis, bowling, now golf!!

caitlin is working at raging rivers {which will re-open} on the 4th of july and is taking an english class. she keeps busy cleaning houses occasionally also, and shopping, bowling, etc...

caleb turned 18 in june and is taking now only a calculus class as he dropped the art appreciation class. he is too busy working full-time for park & rec and golfing {which is a DAILY activity!!} he has become quite the golfer and even bought his own driver!! he spent money...

david is also golfing {if he can get away with it he too would golf daily!!} two weeks ago he and caleb went out. well... caleb beat him by 4 strokes. talk about a real ego crusher!! ;)

david and i went to las vegas the third week of june. he had a hewlett-packard conference and i went to enjoy our fancy, up-scale hotel. we stayed at the palazzo which is connected to the venetian. talk about extravagant!! it was very nice. while we were there we went to see elton john. totally amazing evening. elton and i shared a moment and at the end of the concert we hand slapped (sideways high-five!!) david also hand slapped with elton {now it doesn't sound so great!!}

the singing, music and conversation that night were great. so glad that we got to see him there, much smaller group of people than when we saw him in st. louis, and right at the stage seating!!!! great night we both enjoyed it!! david and i that is, however, i am sure that elton is still thinking of his #1 fan on the 4th row at the end!! lots of fun!

hope all is well where you are and that you too are still here!! i have so many things in my gratitude journal, have not stopped daily entering my many blessings!! take care and say hello, so that i know you are still here!! have a wonderful 4th!!!

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Alteredego said...

I am so glad you decided to update your blog. I am telling you, you would have had a better time in Vegas with an experienced tour guide(Just Kidding)I am glad you and D had fun there. Oh to see Elton, and to have touched his hand.... Sir Elton. I hope you had a great 4th of July. We did really nothing. Take care and talk soon.