Wednesday, September 22, 2010

where has the time gone??

it has been almost 4 months since my son got married.... time has flown!!!! since then, my life has changed drastically!!!!

right before his wedding, i was interviewed for a job at barnes & noble and got it!! after a month on the job, i was given a promotion as the children's lead/manager. okay, it is NOT rocket science... but it is challenging and keeps me hopping!!! i LOVE going to work, i LOVE my job and couldn't imagine having a job that you didn't like... but i am dog-tired all the time!! i have been blessed to stay home for over 23 years as a stay-at-home mom, homeschool teacher and daycare provider... so i have been busy!! but i am whooped at the end of the day.... and then i crash, get up the next day, make a jumbo iced coffee for me & frappe for david and "hit the day again"!!

i have not scrapped since josh & leah's wedding album, but hope to do so very soon again!! i am thinking and planning out our Christmas cards as i do not have the time as before to work on them, but DEFINITELY have the desire to share the past year's events in handmade Christmas greetings!

if you are in the Florissant area... would love to see you at my "still favorite" hangout... B & N!!! stop in... i would love to join you for a mocha and show you through the "best children's department" in the world!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm back.......

well, it has been nearly a month since i last posted. time has flown.........i am now a mother-in-law and the mother of a 20 year-old son & a 23 year old-son {plus our 21 1/2 year-old daughter}. our daughter-in-law is also OFFICIALLY a registered nurse!! woo hoo leah on acing the test!!!what is not to love about this life?? in less than a month, david's and my life has been changed day by day, and i am sure that there is still more to come....

less than two weeks after josh's wedding, i began working at barnes & noble {david's & my hangout of choice!!} and he was in st. louis for six days doing training while i stayed home and adjusted to working outside the home {it had been EXACTLY 23 years since i had done so!!}. i went and met him on wednesday night for dinner and a "sleepover" at the hotel. okay, when he texted me and asked me to meet him for dinner since we hadn't seen each other for three days i texted, " that is a long drive for dinner, i have to work in the morning. he texted back, "well you could pack a bag and stay." i texted back, "really?" he texted back, "well... we are married." it felt a bit naughty... so glad i didn't have to tell my mom that i was meeting him, at a hotel no less!!! :)

i have many photos of wedding things to post, scrapbook pages, wedding gifts, etc..... i hope that you are not bored or overwhelmed, if so...close the blog now!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

may 29, 2010

well... today is the big day!! the day that we have waited over a year for........our oldest son is getting married. it has been an amazing day today (typing this just after midnight on thursday the 28th), just getting the final things completed, the rehearsal and the most amazing time with family and friends at the rehearsal dinner. today was so perfect, wonder how the wedding day will be......i am so in awe of God's goodness as i see how He puts two people together to make two parts become one whole, how each completes the other. josh & leah are starting out with so much determination, wisdom, togetherness and love. i am so excited for them.

for now....... i am off to bed. tomorrow is a big day!! i hope that yours is a good one!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


which means that the wedding is in one month!! i can't believe that it is almost here... i have nearly 40 pages of the album completed... so excited with each and every page that i do. i want to do some other things for the kids also... time is NOT on my side at this point, but i am moving along quickly with the album and may even beat my deadline!!! woo hoo!!!

i should have my skirt for the wedding next week and then i will go the the alteration shop to have my jacket TAKEN IN!! i have lost weight since i got it and have it taken in a couple of inches!! that is exciting!! i will be glad to have my entire outfit hanging in the closet, just ready to take to the church!! david and caleb ordered their tuxes last week, caiti's dress is at the alteration shop ready to be picked up... check, check, check!!!!

caiti and caleb have finals next week and then mark off their junior year of college. this fall i will have a married son, a daughter-in-law (that i will call a daughter!) and two college seniors!! un-stinkin-believable!!!! life has gone so fast and it has been quite a ride.... and looking back i will say that i was "lovin' every minute of it", it has been a gift from God. I AM BLESSED!!!

talked to my thirteen year-old niece tonight and she is ready to come up to do some crafting!! i said MAYBE after the wedding, i hope that i have the mojo to create with her!! she is such a joy and loves to create... so i will have to get a project in mind for her and her friend... oh the wheels are turning!!

i PROMISE to post some photos soon. i have not taken any of the album pages yet. i will take a day when it is complete and snap away.......

i wish you a wonderful weekend with family, friends and with yourself. make time to make some memories, laugh and cherish those moments!!! each moment is a gift........

Friday, April 23, 2010

well, it is blog friday...

okay, there are only 36 more days until the wedding!! and only 20 days until i finish their album and all of the other photo stuff!!!! ugh!!!! i am getting so excited, time is moving quickly but not so quickly for the soon to be mr. & mrs. ...

i have 25 pages completed and more in the works, not moving as quickly as i would like, but i am taking quite some time on each 2-page layout. love the couple and love doing this for them!!

no big plans this weekend besides scrappin and spending some time with my husband. dinner is ready for when he gets home from work and then maybe date night tonight...

at some point i will take photos of the pages that i have done and share........ but until then, you will just have to wait. i hope that you have a great weekend.... have fun!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

only 45 more days until the wedding!!!

okay, that being said, i have only 28 more days to finish josh & leah's album!! my deadline is may 13... no excuses!!!

it has been crazy around here! we have the house torn up while we got two more floors refinished. we now have hardwood floors in the living room, foyer, dining room and david's office. we were hoping to get someone in here to skim coat the ceilings in the office & dining room and also drywall the office... i just want my house put back in order and cleaned!!! minor details...

so far 1 have 14 pages done on the album. i have got to kick it into high gear... david will be out of town for a couple of business trips coming up, i am going to scrap, scrap, scrap while he is gone. the weather has been so beautiful that we have tried getting out and enjoying it some, so while he is gone, i will knock out some of those pages!!

school is winding down for caiti and caleb... i know that they will be glad to get some time off. caiti is taking a 2-week required class monday-friday. then she will be off for the summer. both plan on working full-time, so life will be busy and chaotic around here.

the wedding will be here before long and then i will be a mother-in-law... we love josh's future wife and couldn't have picked anyone better for him. what a blessing to see your child(ren) follow God's plan for their life. as i am going through photos, it just doesn't seem that it has been nearly 23 years since josh was born... time has flown!!

today was a beautiful day. i spent the morning baking some homemade cookies and then packaged them up and delivered to some special people in my life... i hope that they enjoyed them as much as i did making them for them. i LOVE giving others surprises...

i hope that you are enjoying the springtime and spending time with those that you love... remember to take photos and capture those memories!!! and be grateful for every day, each day gives you the opportunity for renewal....

Friday, April 2, 2010

happy Good Friday...

well, today is Good Friday. i hope that everyone is remembeing the reason for this season, not just the bunnies and eggs, but Jesus Christ, His death, His burial and His resurrection!! what a blesed gift to us from Him!!

the weather here has been gorgeous, lots of walks and backyard frisbee with buddy... looking forward to lots more of this!!

i have been scrappin this week which feels so good. so far i have 7 PAGES completed for josh & leah's album, i just want to keep up the pace... feels good to scrap again.

have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. i hope that you make it to church on sunday to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. it just feels different at church on easter morning from all the other sunday mornings. HE IS RISEN INDEED!! and for that, i am grateful!!