Monday, August 11, 2008

well, it's august!!

it is nearly halfway through the month of august!! unbelievable how time is flying by!! i hope that you are all well. we are all fine. caleb {our youngest} had all 4 wisdom teeth removed today!! he seems to be doing alright, sleeping quite a bit which is a good thing!!

the weather has been in the mid 80's for several days, unseasonably nice to say the least. i am trying to get back to cropping and scrapping some of my photos. it seems like everything else comes first and by the time i have some time to crop, i don't want to.

i am working on a birthday tag swap for a vintage blog that is celebrating it's 4th year. it's always nice to be in a swap and get to receive other's creative works!! i will have to post the entire tag book next month after i receive it. when my tags are finished, i will post...

hope that all is well where you are and that you continue to be grateful each and everyday. some of last week's entries were:
*snuggling with taylor
*a relaxed and quiet day
*time to crop with friends
*my God who is in control, even when i can't see it (His plan)

write those gratitude's down so that you can remember how good God is to you!!!

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