Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksgiving!!!

well, it has been about a week, so i am keeping up with the once a week post pretty well!!! it is the last working day of the week for me {although i still work at home!!} and i am looking forward to a nice long time off. my husband and i are cooking thanksgiving dinner tomorrow for our family and my mom is joining us. i am wishing for a nice, peaceful, relaxing day {of course with some scrappin time!! some organization time and decorating the house for christmas time!!} doesn't sound to relaxing now, does it??!

i have been quite busy in the week, but feel like i don't have much to show for it... i maded collaged shopping bags for a friend, they were very time consuming, but i loved doing it. i have decided to look for a good quality, inexpensive sewing machine for paper only. i am afraid that i might tear up my good kenmore {that is 20 years old?!!} so i will make it a fabric-only machine again. the machine that i get must be a full-size with plenty of power, no wimpy-kiddie style!!

i hope and pray that as your week unfolds and you spend thanksgiving with others, that you will find things to be thankful for, we have so many blessings living in the United States. why not consider keeping a GRATITUDE journal next year?? i have so loved doing that this year and already have my journal for next year nearly finished!!

a 2 page layout for the mosy scrapper. it shows the progression of our christmas trees through the years... we were to use 4 pieces of felt, thus my felt christmas tree.

this is a 6 X 12 layout of david's family farm. we have been going up to 'the hill' to monitor the progress on his parents' new house that is being built. this is the pond in the back field behind the house.

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Alteredego said...

Beautiful creations, I hope your family has a very nice Thanksgiving. I will call you at some point over the holidays and enjoy your visit with D this weekend and I am sure she will love your bags you created for her.