Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well, it is a new year!! I hope that you are enjoying it so far and have great expectations for it. i have been busy organizing and finishing up end of the year business and working on getting back into my scrappin mode!!

i shared in the last blog that i won the twelve weeks of Christmas contest at the mosy scrapper besides receiving a wonderful page kit, i had the card kit named after me. here is a photo of it. you get a ton of supplies, i received mine and i love it!!

LORI card kit

christa over at the mosy also has several wonderful kits as well as on online store. you will have to look into it for yourself... here are the kits for this month, i received the kirby kit as a prize and ordered the wonderful add-on kit with the mini tin lunchbox.



KIRBY add-on kit

also, this month at the mosy we are making cards for an air force platoon... check out LOVE FOR OUR TROOPS:PENROD'S PLATOON and contact me via email or on the mosy message board. we would love to have you join us!!!

there is also a great board full of women over at the mosy the create some amazing things... stop by and pick yourself up a kit and some mojo!!!!

have a great weekend~i gotta get busy and scrap with my kits!!!!


Alteredego said...

What a great way to promote The Mosy Scrapper. I can't wait till I get my Lori card kit. It looks so yummy. I will be working on those cards for the troops for you to send. Way to step up and take this on. You are so good, my friend.

velinda14 said...

Can I get your autograph?? Just sign a blank check and sent it to me!! No really, congratulations - you are so talented, it's no wonder you're an award winner!!

I'm proud of you!

janet said...

I need to get me a Lori card kit! Nice kit...nice name! Happy New Year to you too. Hope it's a great one!