Thursday, February 26, 2009

february is nearly over!!

as i write this, it is the evening before my last day of day care as i have known it for the last ten years. i am downsizing at this point and will only care for one child. it was a difficult decision but one that needed to be made.

over the last ten years, i have held many babies, toddlers & children. i have been diagnosed with 2 herniated discs, carpal tunnel & tendonitis. i am about to the end of my pain levels {especially in my back!} i need to still have something for my family at the end of the day.

so after tomorrow, i get the job of going through ten years worth of day care supplies, toys, products, etc, etc, etc!! i will eventually re-gain my dining room {which it has NEVER been!} i will get some new organizational pieces for my scrap room {YEAH!!} and we will eventually get a main level sunroom instead of it being a play room {woo hoo!!}

it has been a wonderful journey, i have met so many wonderful families and been fortunate enough to care for many wonderful children. my first two children are nearly ten years-old. so difficult to believe that time has moved that quickly...

i will miss the children and the daily interactions with their parents. but, the good news is that the majority of them attend the same church with our family, so i will still get to see them. it will be good, just different.

in march, i begin more procedures/surgeries for my other leg {dealing with my varicose veins}. it should be do-able and i now know what to expect. i just hope that i can do the MANY things around the house that i am wanting to get done while recuperating from the 'leg stuff'.

i also am the guest design team member for the mosy scrapper in march. i received my kits and can i just say that they are chock FULL of stuff. i don't know how christa does it, but i have plenty to work with next month. make sure and check out the blog and message board {posted on my favorite blogs...}and if you want, join in. next month is the mosy scrapper's birthday month, there are going to be challenges, contests, rak's, and a weekend crop. don't miss out on the fun!!! when the kits became available online, i will post the contents {if i did it now, i might get my gdt spot taken away!! ;) }

don't forget to be DELIBERATE in what you say, think & do. i have been trying to live by that each day... also be deliberate about being grateful for the things that you have, experience, share, your family, friends, whatever.... have gratitude!!!

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Alteredego said...

I can't wait to see what you design for this month. I am so excited that you will be our guest designer for this month. I will be excited to see you questions you have for us. Good luck with your semi retirement and your upcoming surgury.