Tuesday, April 14, 2009


well it is the middle of april and i have been busy... i haven't posted but thought that today would be a good day to get caught up...

i have some news!! i have been chosen as the craft coordinator at the mosy scrapper, yes... i am now on their design team!! quite exciting, they are a great group of ladies that like to scrap, chat and just have fun!!!! i love it there... if you get a chance {or make the time!} to, go check out the mosy scrapper, it is my favorite online board!!!

in may, christa will be having a huge sale... you will definitely want to check this out!!

i will get some of my projects uploaded and put on here... it seems like forever since i have shared any of my creations. just too much to do and not enough time!!!

also a big shout out today to my oldest sister!! it is her birthday!! happy birthday velinda!! i love you so much... i hope that your day is extra-special!!!


Marcie said...


Alteredego said...

congrats on your postion and happy birthday Velinda. I had such a blast with you at your house the other weekend and can't wait for you to post your creations.

velinda14 said...

I just saw this - I had no idea I was immortalized on your blog - what an honor! Congrats on your success - you are truly creative!

Love V