Friday, November 20, 2009

blog friday again!!

well... i beat julie to the punch on getting my blog friday entry in here!!!

it has been a crazy, fast month so far!! i have been working on house stuff,
trying to scrap, take care of family, doing my Bible study, etc, etc, etc!!

i feel like i never stop but sometimes it doesn't look like much to show for
what i have been doing. but i know!!

i hope that all is well with you and what you are doing.... are you gearing up
for the holidays?? are you thankful?? what for??

i am thankful for...

*my husband
*our three beautiful children-josh( & leah); caiti (& andrew); caleb
*my mom,& siblings & spouses(which i consider my siblings!!)
*the legacy that my dad left for his family
*my husband's parents & siblings
*all of my nieces & nephews
*buddy!!! (woof!!)
*our home
*ALL of the many things that God has blessed me with!!!

what is your list of gratitudes??? comment and list them to me!!

have a great friday!!!


Julie said...

love seeing you blogging and seeing your list. I am thankful for family and friends

Amooretto said...

great thankful list. This month has come and gone to fast. {hugs} to you.

Tonya Boone said...

great list.. i am also thankful for you friendship Lori..

janet said...

What a great list of gratitudes, Lori! I am grateful for my family, my and on-line! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!