Saturday, November 7, 2009

well, i missed blog friday!!

oops!! my bad............ i did not post anything on my blog yesterday!! but i am fixing that now!

had a great autumn day! spent the day with my dear friend julie scrappin, laughing and just having some good fun!! don't do that enough... but it is on my agenda for us to get together more often and just enjoy good times... i hope that she had as much fun as me!!

and the good news is...... i got her good by leaving her a little surprise in her laptop!! and she found it when she got home and opened it!! :)

i hope that you are enjoying your weekend and take some time to be with those you love...... be deliberate, choose to love and to enjoy spending time togther!!!

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Julie said...

Yes, I did have a great time....didn't get that much done, but that is okay. Yes, you did get me good. You know what they say pay backs are a *****