Tuesday, September 4, 2007

badges of honor

these are photos of my latest layout. i made this layout with pieces of my dad's boy scout shirt. he was a scoutmaster and trainer for many years. i thought this was a great way to honor him. the badges, tabs, pockets and buttons were all from his shirt. i included a few pictures of him in this shirt. the pocket serves as a hiden journaling pocket. the second photo shows what is inside the pocket. the words are the lyrics to a song entitled "dancing with the angels".

i miss him dearly, but he is dancing with the angels in heaven.


Alteredego said...

Love this page and very neat that you got to do this. It turned out supurb. I am sure your dad would be proud of it.

SRVgirl said...

I just love what you did with this one. The use of the buttons add so much to the design. I would love to get a photo of your completed work!!