Wednesday, February 27, 2008

don't fall over... i am posting some projects!!

hello to everyone!! it has been awhile since i posted. i have been quite busy; working, scrapbooking & life in general. i thought that i would share with you what i worked on for the pinecone press book club this month. here goes...

this silly layout was using some of the coordinating paper that went with the kit. i can't believe that i actually did a layout containing photos of me {that i took of myself!! eek!!} i do LOVE my mochas, so what better subject to highlight with coffee papers.{yes, that is a starbuck's cup sleeve~inside is my homemade mocha syrup recipe!!}

these are of my daughter and her boyfriend at Christmas time, doing two of caiti's favorite activities {with two of her favorite people!!} sugar cookies and gingerbread houses. of course, both involve sweets!!

this layout is near & dear to my heart {and i am sure it is to my sisters & brothers}. it is honoring our dad's 'infamous' homemade pineapple ice cream. the photo of the hand crank ice cream maker was as close as i could find to the one that we used to have to sit on top of while our dad and uncles turned it. occasionally our mom would ask dad to leave the pineapple out and just make vanilla as someone {whomever was coming over or their children} didn't like pineapple. dad would reply, "good, then so & so doesn't have to eat any and there will be more for me later!" after dad had a heart attack in 1985, we replaced his hand crank maker with an electric. he never liked it as much. after seeing the ingredients and copying his original recipe onto steno paper, i think we changed the wrong thing, maybe we needed a cholesterol-free pineapple ice cream recipe ;) !!

i hope that your day is going well. today it is sunny with blue skies scattered with big fluffy clouds, a bit chilly, but i will take the sun any day!!


Velinda said...

I can almost taste the ice cream now... almost. What a memory! (And my arms ache thinking about it too!)

Alteredego said...

These are so, so cute. You big show off. I am so glad you where inspired by this months kit because I was not, you did a fantastic job with this and love that you scrapped you.