Friday, February 15, 2008


it's been a week since i last posted. we have had lots going on... we had david's grandmother's funeral, he was not feeling well for two days and now i have the FULL BLOWN version of the upper respiratory flu. i started coughing on wednesday, was burning up with a fever & body aches on thursday and today started the heaving... our doctor called and said that technically the test was negative, but i have every symptom so he was calling in prescriptions for me!! it will only LESSEN the severity NOT take it away!!

needless to say, valentine's day was pretty uneventful. i did finish david's card and mini album. he gave me a card & steven curtis chapman love songs cd and then had roses & chocolates delivered!! can't wait to try the chocolates!!

i hope that you had a good day and that you have a great weekend. i am off on monday, guess how i will be spending it?? oh well...

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Alteredego said...

Sorry that you are so ill. I wish you felt better. I will be emailing you soon... some pictures from the wedding. Glad you got something for Vday. Sorry you didn't feel up to eating your chocolates (at least I got to eat my Zero bar and read my african-american card) Love ya and get well.