Saturday, April 19, 2008

weekend hello!!

i am sure by now that you have all heard that the midwest experienced an earthquake. about 4:38 am on friday morning, most in my house were awakened by a terrible rattling, shaking and just plain an 'ominous sound'. {the quake was a 5.4 on the richter scale}

i had decided after doing some late night scrappin that i would sleep on our new couch rather than wake my husband. so when i heard the commotion, i thought that it was early morning delivery trucks driving by. then i realized that our antique heirloom wardrobe was shaking like someone was banging from the inside to get out. at that point i heard our oldest son yell, "dad, is this an earthquake?!!" {he thought that someone was under his bed shaking it and messing with him and he came up swinging his fist!!:)}

i raced up the stairs to find my husband, son and our daughter in the hallway. the whole episode only lasted about 90 seconds. as we all said goodnigt and climbed back into our beds, my husband said, "guess who didn't wake up??" i said laughingly, "i have always said that a tornado could go right across his {our youngest son} face and he would just roll over and continue sleeping."

about 10:30 am on friday morning there was an aftershock that was a 4.4, it lasted about 15 seconds. kinda crazy...i missed it as my oldest son and i were in the car headed for a lasik surgery consultation. i found out afterwards at the camera store that i stopped at that there was an aftershock. while there i purchased my husband an add on flash for our nikon dsl 40X digital camera.

this morning my husband and i headed to the botanical garden in st. louis for a photograpy field trip. the weather was rainy off & on but we still had a good time and took lots of photos... we toured the henry shaw mansion on the property {we actually wandered off from the groups and had our own field trip}. then we had lunch on the hill {the italian district!!} and made a stop at an italian bakery and took some goodies home...

we had a nice day and even came home and took a nap, however, i am ready to turn in for the night. hope all is well with you and that you can reflect on things that you are grateful for.

my last couple of entries in my gratitude journal are...
*dinner with caiti & taylor. listening to taylor "read" her fortune cookie.
*spending a nice day with joshua-includes dr. visit, lunch & just time together.
*a day with david @ botanical garden & misc. NICE DAY!!

take a moment to reflect on your gratitudes... love to all!


celia said...

hi, sorry ijust pushed the button, glad to hear you had no damage to house!
i see you do the book club do you guys meet somewhere? how do you get in?
We havent been great keeping up committments.

celia said...

oh, by the way i found your site by accident but got reading it, you know how you look for something and then end up somewhere else? Celia

Alteredego said...

So glad to see you had a great weekend. Sorry I have been lacking on posting on your blog. I do read it. But as you can tell I have not done much of anything. Can't wait to see those pics from the gardens

Velinda said...

Busy, busy, busy! I just love the botanical gardens. Did you see my photos of the glass exhibit there on flickr? Keep me updated on J's surgery!