Tuesday, April 15, 2008

happy tuesday!!

hello all! i have been busy as usual {do you ever get tired of hearing that, let alone saying it??}

i have done some scrapping. i went out of town and looked forward to an extra night just to myself to scrap, have dinner, relax in the hotel... well, that did not happen. the hotel that i was put up in {by the state} was a dive to say the least!! i did not want to stay there on friday night while they paid for it, let alone pay a night on saturday to stay!! ugh!!!

after my training ended on saturday, i went to a couple of scrapbook stores in bloomington, stopped into barnes & noble for a potty break and a mocha for the road. well, i found the most wonderful collage book also!! bonus!!

i will take some photos soon to show what i have been doing {not too much on the scrappin scene!}. i hope that your day is going well and that whatever you are doing you are enjoying it!!

we have a beautiful sunshine-y day today, i am so grateful for the wonderful sunshine... what are you grateful for??

write it down!!

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Velinda said...

Alright, do we really need to hear about your potty break?! I understand it was a lead in to your mocha fix (and book no less...)but really.

Love you - love checking in on you! Heard an Elton John song last night and thought of you - not going to tell you which one.... :-) v.