Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tuesday hello!!

i hope that you are all well on this very dreary and rainy tuesday...maybe where you are it is sunshine-y and beautiful??!

today is my birthday, and i have had MANY well wishers via phone, internet and cards. it has been a splendid day. my children are sending me for a coiff this afternoon. my daughter has already talked with the stylist and told her how she would like my hair to be. AND i am getting low lights and a color...

tonight we are all going out for my birthday {yes, that includes taylor!!} she can't wait!! date night with the WHOLE GANG!!!

i am working on projects that i hope to have finished and photographed by tonight. i will also include a photo of my LOVELY 'mocha mug' that my brother gave me for my birthday on mother's day {what a treat for you!!}

hope that your day is going well... my last two gratitudes entered in my journal:
*getting to spend mother's day with both of our mothers!
*angelfood cake and fresh berries!!

oh well, from important to maybe not as important!!

have a great day and be grateful!!

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