Sunday, September 7, 2008

happy sunday!!

i am not sure that i am going to get this whole blogging thing!! i know for sure that i will not win a prize for having the best blog, the most updated, etc, etc, etc. that is fine with me.

hope that your sunday is going well. i have had a wonderful weekend and too soon it will come to an end!! friday evening i went to a crop with julie, i went early to set up a mini-surprise birthday party {as her birthday was the day before}. she was surprised and i think that she enjoyed all of her surprises. i will just be glad when her real charms are sent to me and she can then scrap her paper ones!! i had been feverishly working and creating some unique presents for her; i made her 2 cards, an altered salt shaker complete with a fairy, mini beads and a button bouquet (pictured in the last post). i also made her a mini collage with all kinds of ephemera. she was presented 2 paper charms (to soon be replaced with sally jean charms) in a handmade box titled party girl that i made for a 3-D challenge (pictured in the last post). i also baked her a homemade pineapple upside down cake (for the first time!) and she assured me that it was yummy! what a fun night we had, we were both exhausted on saturday. you can view her gifts on her blog mi vida loca (just click on the first of my favorites, it will take you to it!)

on saturday i had an appointment to get some compression hose for my upcoming leg procedures. i asked my mom to go along and then we were to meet up with my brother and his family. i showed up for my 9 am fitting appointment to find the store unoccupied or at least it appeared to be that way. thinking that the workers probably parked around back we went in. i heard the familiar hum of the alarm system and thought it will stop. after 45 seconds, the REAL alarm started blasting!! i said to mom that we should wait outside. after a couple of minutes when no one showed up, i realized that the door had been left unlocked and in fact according to their sign, that they did not open until 10. mom said, well let's go and i said, "no, we have already been on a security camera, we will wait for the police." sure enough, 2 squad cars pulled up. after them investigating, making a couple of jokes, we left to come back at ten. what a freaky thing!!

after my appointment we met up with my brother's family. we got to see his office at his new law firm, his three children were so excited about their daddy's office. then the seven of us walked a few blocks to the clayton art fair. we spent most of our time in the children's area which was fine with me as i don't get to see them enough. i found two wonderful vendors. one which created altered canvases with paints and vintage ephemera. my mother complimented (at least that is how i took it) me and said "well you could do these." and then i said "yeah, but i don't think anyone will pay me these prices for them!!" they were wonderful and i would have loved to have purchased several. the other vendor that rocked created jewelry, altered shadow boxes and 3-d scultptures (mostly birds) out of all kinds of metal. they were amazing to say the least and as much as i wanted to bring one home, i could not justify the prices (okay, DAVID would not have been able to justify the prices!!). it just reaffirms my belief that art is a subjective thing, you have to find the right crowd to please and both of these artists did just that. the rest of what i saw was just run of the mill to me. while looking at all of the art, mom found the nicest gelatto shop. she and i split a cappuccino/espresso gelatto and my niece gobbled a strawberry cheesecake gelatto with a couple of bites of ours!! what fun she was to be with, and so stinkin cute!! after saying our goodbyes, my mom and i headed home after stopping for salads. it was a nice day despite our early morning event!!

i spent a little time scrapping in the evening and finished up the evenign with david watching an elton john concert dvd, always a good thing!!

today we attended early service at church as always, ran to the grocery store and david cooked breakfast for all. looking forward to a quiet day. that is always a good thing!

hope that whatever your weekend was, it was a good one and that you found many things to be grateful for. i know that i did!!


Alteredego said...

I was very surprised. I am grateful to have a friend like you. You are too good to me. I have proudly displayed my birthday gifts for all to see and I bragged to my dad about them as well. I was so sad for our night to end. I can't wait till we meet up again. Love Ya

Vicki C said...

Oh.. it was so nice to hear from you , and... to hear you have been reading my friend Les's blog and following Kevin story. I read everyday and thank the Lord I have my boys , here in NE... happy and healthy.
I see you work in Early Childhood? I was a para in a Early Childhood Special Ed for 10 years .. and loved it.