Thursday, September 18, 2008

posting again!!


it has been a bit longer than a week since i last posted. i am quite busy during my days, then you add in going to a training here and there, and then doing a weekend online crop, etc, etc, etc. maybe you get the idea.

last weekend, i did an online crop that julie told me about. talk about inpiration...there were TOO many good challenges and ideas!! i completed 19 (yes, 19!!) layouts and a couple of projects. this is quite exciting!! i have never gotten that much completed before in one weekend. woo hoo!! i had to break open the seal on a new scrapbook (that is a good thing!!) it was a fast paced weekend as i had a seven hour workshop on saturday and didn't get to start cropping until saturday evening!! many of the projects will also be for my pine cone press book club this month as they have numerical titles. i will try to post all of the layouts without freaking out my computer, i might have to do it in a couple of posts.

i have spent almost the last three weeks reuniting with a friend from jr. high and high school. she lives in kansas city with her wonderful husband (who i also attended high school with!) and their 14-year old son. big prayer request!! denise has stage 3 breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemo. she has surgery later this year or in january. please pray for her health, her strength as the chemo is now playing hard ball on her body and for her spirit (which right now is amazing, she still has her great positive outlook and her wonderful sense of humor). you could also pray for those around her that are helping her, her dear husband willie and their son jackson, her mother and step-father (who travel every 3 weeks to kansas city) that they will remain healthy and strong.i have been so blessed messaging back and forth usually on a daily basis, what a blessing to rekindle an old friendship and to be there for each other. besides catching up on news, i feel like we have never missed a beat!! that's the sign of good friendship. in her words, "i am so glad that we have reconnected and don't want to lose that reconnection." i plan on being in it for the long haul.

also, on that note i have made a conncetion with another one of my dearest friends growing up. we live in the same town but have basically just kept in contact via Christmas cards. we are going out next week to spend some time together. i am really looking forward to that.

and...i am looking forward to getting to go to the movies with my dear friend julie if she ever gets a free moment. in our jobs (early childhood care in our homes) sometimes time to JUST ourself is a luxury. not that others don't have the same complaint, it just feels like you are always giving out and sometimes not much comes back. hopefully SOON we will get to spend an evening together at the movies. if not, we do have pine cone press book club next week...

now here are some of my latest creations.

our 2 cate's
my daughter holding my brother's daughter
our former house
poolside w/ josh
surprise julie!
julie's surprise birthday crop
altered letter P
trip to the hershey's store while in chicago for a conference
me at 42!
that's all i'm gonna say about that!
my husband
senior year
josh's senior year at college
family traits
my mom & dad, brother & his wife and our three children goofing off
4th of july 2008-the boys shooting off fireworks!!
the day after having all 4 wisdom teeth removed
an index shot capturing our last mother's day with dad 2000
Christmas memories 2000
my dad playing football on mother's day 2000
mom's birthday 2000
(while dad was in the hospital)
senior banquet
caitlin, caleb & kristen

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Alteredego said...

I am glad you had a great time for the online crop and I am glad to see so many beautiful layouts that you did. You where on a roll my friend. Next time we will have to get together and do it at each others house.