Sunday, October 5, 2008


hello! it has been a couple of weeks. life keeps moving faster and faster and i am just trying to keep up with it. i am ending a wonderful weekend and looking forward to the coming week. i had a lazy weekend, full of fun and good times!!

david and i went to border's and to dinner on friday night, very casual and relaxed.
saturday morning after doing a few things around the house, we headed off to the missouri botanical garden to "the best of st. louis" festival. very nice, very croweded, but we still had a good time. i then accompanied him on a nine-hole golf adventure and then home for a relaxing evening watching a re-run of the VP debate.
today, i went to church with my mom for her church's 40-year anniversary celebration. this is the church that i grew up in. it was very nice, with former pastors and interim pastors speaking throughout the morning. one of the former associate pastors even mentioned dad at the very beginning of his sermon. well...i started crying all over again. i was exhausted when i got home at almost 2 o'clock from crying all morning. i will one day make it through an entire church service there without crying!! after all of the services there was a picnic.

this afternoon and evening i relaxed and did a bit of scrapping. i will post photos.

i hope that your weekend was wonderful and filled with good things. i enjoyed this weekend so much that i want to find another festival to attend and do the same next weekend, and the next and the next... i could get really lazy!!!

i hope that you are continuing to keep track of the many gratitudes that you have. i have so many and am so thankful that God continue to gives me reasons to be grateful. if for no other reason, i am grateful for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. but i am so blessed that i have daily things that happen that i am so very grateful for, i hope that you do to. have a wonderful week.

a layout of an extra-ordinary day:

the library card journal tag states: "what makes this day extraordinary from the others? is it the mocha? is it the bagel? no! no! no! it's because i showed up and God was there- extra~ordinary!

a wall hanging for a dear friend of mine in kansas city


1 Crafty Gal said...

OH what gorgeous pages!!!

Alteredego said...

oh wow what gorgous pages, both of these. I am glad you had a great weekend spending time with your hubby. It is nice sometimes just to have fun and really do nothing but play and relax. You deserve it.

Velinda said...

I don't think I would have made it through the service without crying either. I saw where Alan was going to be there.

PS - Borders is one of my favorite places - I think you might know that!

PPS - Great work as always. I love to see your ideas - I think you're the most creative sister!!