Thursday, October 29, 2009

hello... it's almost the weekend......

hello to all!! just stopping in to say hello!! this week has gone by quickly but it has also seemed long also (ever have one like that?) but nonetheless, it has been good... God is always good!!

not much to show as of today.... been working on a thing or two, but can't post it yet!! looking forward to getting the housework out of the way in the next day or two and spending some time scrappin. i have to get my son's photos scanned so that i can print the photos to start working on his wedding album... it will be here before i know it.

this month's card challenge over at the mosy scrapper is to make cards for those that you are thankful or grateful for. you are to make them a handmade card and write inside WHY you are grateful/thankful for them. isn't that something that we would ALL like to receive?? just a nice reminder and what a great expression to share with someone else...

why not play along?? go to the mosy, look around and join in on the fun & creativity. and while you are it, make a card to make someone's day!! mine has already been made thinking about the many wonderful people that i need to make a card for....... have a great day!!

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Amooretto said...

this is an excellent challenge Lori. Need to make my list and set aside some time (each day would be nice) to make those cards.

Thanks for the inspiration.