Friday, January 8, 2010

first blog of 2010!!

well, today is the second friday of 2010 and i am officially posting a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!! much has been happening at our house, some re-modeling, re-decorating, and my new word for this year...

RENEW 1.return to doing something 2. repeat promise 3. give something new energy 4. make something new again. syn restore, repair, re-establish, mend, make good.

that will be the word that i keep in mind this year as i spend time in relationships, in tasks, in thoughts and deeds. a small word with some BIG expectations...

do you have a word for this year that you want to strive to live by??

it will also be a big year with a major change... our oldest son will become a husband to a beautiful girl that we love. God has been so good to them and i pray that He continues to bless them and keep them. their wedding will be here before i know it!!

wishing you all a very prosperous 2010... looking forward to a year of possibilities and renewing!!!

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Julie said...

I think that is a great word that you have picked. I can't wait to see your newness of the house. I am sure it is beautiful.