Monday, February 1, 2010

well, i missed blog friday {again!!}

it is FEBRUARY 1, 2010~how did it get to be the second month of the year already??!! the year is 1/12 over!!! oh well, i am thankful for another day of the year and another month!!

i got home yesterday from our annual girlfriend winter trip to kansas city with my best girls from junior high. as always, it was a blast!!! {that's 80's lingo!!} the drive there flew by as sonja and i gabbed the entire time, we were there before we even knew it!! then denise got there and the full party began!! we talked, we ate, we talked, we shopped, we talked, we ate, we talked, we saw a movie, we ate, we talked, we shopped........ i think that you get the idea.

denise took us to a great shoe stop called bob jones again this trip, i FINALLY got a pair of wellies!! now my feet will be stylish AND dry!! then we went to this wonderful store called Prydes of Westport. what didn't they have?? they had EVERYRHING kitchen, towels, aprons, appliances, tools; they had decorative pieces, pictures, decorations, etc, etc, etc; they had paper goods, holiday items; they had food items, jellies, jams, mixes, etc... BUT in the basement of this WONDERFUL establishment they had a pie shop called the upper crust. we had some yummie quiche, oriental slaw and pie for lunch. then denise bought us all mini pies and cookies galore to take home...Pryde's is on the agenda for every annual kc trip!!!

then we went to the plaza to shop.... tiffany's, williams-sonoma, swarvoski, burberry, better cheddar, hall's.........with a mid-afternoon break for drinks and a margherita pizza at brio's. what a wonderful time on the plaza.... denise of course treated sonja and i to many prizes along the way.

after this, there was more... we went to lydia's, the MOST amazing italian spot with such ambiance!! we had the pasta trio which is the chef's three choices for the day that they just keep coming by and serving to you straight from the hot pan!!!! and the most amazing bread!!! and of course, denise duped us and got the bill even though sonja had given the server HER credit card!!

we went back to the hotel for denise to divy up the goodies from upper crust and for a night cap of cookies!! then denise headed home for a very busy sunday before flying to new york for a business trip. sonja and i headed home after breakfast sunday morning!

what a whirlwind weekend filled with laughter, fun, and prizes everywhere we turned!!! can't wait for the next time!! maybe one day sonja and i will get sly enough to dupe denise...... but i doubt it!!

i hope that you had a wonderful january and a wonderful weekend!! welcome to february 2010, i hope that it is filled with blessings and love for you!! i am looking forward to a month of renewed times.......

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janet said...

Sounds like a great time with great friends!!! Don't you love when the drive somewhere flies by when you are with your friends! Sometimes the drive is the best part!! Have a great week!