Monday, March 29, 2010

well goodbye march......

in just two short days, march 2010 will be over and my sweet little girl will be 21!! where has all the time gone??? so to caiti, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to the best daughter in the world {at least from my biased opinion!!} God was so good to us to bless us with you and He continues to bless us through you and He continues to bless you, what a good God!!!

EXACTLY two months from this date, our oldest son will be married!! very exciting and yet so much to do... i have 2 pages of their life album done and have a gazillion more to do... but what another reminder of how God has blessed us through Josh and now with Leah as the soon-to-be newest member of our family.

we had a busy week two weeks ago while Leah was home on spring break. a bridal shower at the church and then one here at our house hosted by caiti and i. what a wonderful time we had seeing the two of them blessed by so many that care for them. what a special gift to watch as a parent as others shower your children with tangible gifts of love. for that, i am so grateful.

i spent last week recouperating from all the festivities and was the last one in our house to be "blessed" with the flu!! ugh! but i did get through the showers and then got it, so i took that time to get some much needed rest!!

had a wonderful weekend with family and friends! met a childhood friend for a wonderful lunch on saturday, too fun & too fast!!! definitely will have to schedule those more often!! then on sunday my niece was baptized and our family all went for the celebration. afterwards, we had a nice LONG lunch together, just spending time and catching up. on my way home, i stopped by my dear friend julie's house to see her. we had "christmas in march" as we exchanged gifts that we have been holding onto... complete with santa gift bags!!! too fun, but definitely a sign that the two of us need to spend MORE time together MORE often!!!

i hope that your last few days of march is starting out wonderfully... the sun is shining here and begging me to come outside and soak it in. i think that this afternoon a nice long walk is due for me and buddy!!! that will make me feel renewed and refreshed.... enjoy your day!!!


Julie said...

First of all Happy Birthday to Caiti. It was good to see you yesterday. You look good. It was good to finially give you your gift. Yes we do do need to see each other more.

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and good luck with the wedding. Sounds like you are very busy.....and very richly blessed!!!